Elevating leadership skills at Mondi CFlex Thailand

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12 March, 2024
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Mondi Cflex Thailand leadership workshop

We aim to support employee engagement and cultivate a vibrant and dynamic workplace culture across our Group.

The Supervisor Passport Programme

A great example for elevating leadership skills has been introduced in Mondi CFlex Thailand: the Supervisor Passport Programme. It is a local leadership development initiative, which is tailored to the specific needs of first-line managers. 

This initiative contributes to our MAP2030 Empowered People commitments and addresses topics around future of work & employability, diversity & inclusion, wellbeing, mental health and work-life experience.

The Supervisor Passport Programme has 12 development modules conducted over a year and aims to elevate leadership competencies and skills, thereby nurturing a cadre of leaders capable of driving organisational success.

Designed for supervisors, new managers, and potential leaders, the programme offers a diverse range of learning opportunities encompassing various aspects of leadership, including conflict management, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. The curriculum equips participants with the tools and strategies to lead their teams effectively, navigate daily challenges with confidence, and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Participants have the opportunity to engage with the management team and articulate their expectations and insights, fostering a sense of shared purpose among attendees.

Providing various career development opportunities

Mondi CFlex Thailand's engagement efforts also extend beyond traditional training programmes, encompassing initiatives such as work rotation, overseas training, and educational support, aimed at providing holistic career development opportunities for employees. 

Through the Supervisor Passport Programme and other initiatives, Mondi CFlex Thailand addresses the needs of its workforce and lays the foundation for sustained organisational excellence. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and employee empowerment, the local team aspires to create a workplace where every individual thrives, driving collective success and innovation.


Mondi Action Plan 2030

Diversity & Inclusion
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