Attracting more female talent through inclusive recruiting

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Mondi inclusive recruiting

Modernising every step of the recruitment process

Mondi Dynäs (Sweden) filled 36% of open positions with women in 2022, and attracted female applicants to 85% of the jobs advertised through an inclusive recruiting project seeking to address the under-representation of women working in our plants and mills and challenge the misconception that ‘there are no female candidates’.

The almost triple increase in female applicants compared to 2021 was achieved by modernising every step of the recruitment process and job requirements to have a broader appeal to women, by revising language and images used in media campaigns to reflect broader society, in addition to training hiring managers on gender bias.


of open positions in Mondi Dynäs filled with women in 2022


of jobs advertised attracted female applicants


our target for women employed at Mondi by 2030

Figures correct as of March 2022

The project was shared in our MAP2030 exchange sessions, part of the MAP2030 toolbox (read more on page 37 of our SD report 2022). However, women are still under-represented in our plants and mills worldwide. We are working hard to reach our target of 30% women at Mondi by 2030.


Mondi Action Plan 2030

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