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Mondi Bad Rappenau
Wilhelm-Hauff-Strasse 41
74906 Bad Rappenau, Germany
Tel.: +49 7066 29 0

About Mondi Bad Rappenau

Mondi Bad Rappenau GmbH specialises in the production and distribution of corrugated board packaging solutions. Situated close to Heilbronn in southern Germany, the company manufactures high-quality printed corrugated board products for the food, hygiene and consumer goods industries.

The Bad Rappenau plant has a fully integrated value chain with its own corrugator as well as its own laminators, printing presses and finishing machines. Our strengths lie in high-quality printing (flexographic and offset printing) and in our gluing expertise.

Mondi Bad Rappenau is a market leader in and pioneering developer of two-piece packaging. Solutions such as the TwinBox combine maximum protection during transport with optimum use of the packaging at the point of sale. All corrugated board products that the German market needs can be offered and manufactured in conjunction with our partner plant in Eschenbach.

Extensive investments in recent years have made it possible to continuously develop the site and ensure the highest quality and safety standards today. Highly skilled, dedicated staff and systematic implementation of an innovative corporate strategy – key factors that will allow Mondi Bad Rappenau to continue to grow on a sustainable basis.

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Home of Innovation - Mondi Bad Rappenau

Home of innovation

The plant has several printing possibilities such as Offset, Flexo, DirectFlexo, High Quality Post Print and Flexo Pre-print. We are experts in printed and glued packaging solutions with a clear core competence on multi glued solutions. We serve different key segments, such as Food, Drinks, Cosmetics & Hygiene, Fruit & Vegetables, FMCG and eCommerce.

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Sustainability and safety certificates

If you need information about specific Quality and/or Hygiene certificates, please contact your Mondi sales representative.

Chain of custody
FSC™ FSC-C104533 (DE)
Mondi Bad Rappenau
Valid until 1 February, 2026
Download (PDF, 1022 KB)
ISO 45001 (DE)
Mondi Bad Rappenau
Valid until 30 July, 2026
Download (PDF, 127 KB)
ISO 45001 - Annex (DE)
Mondi Bad Rappenau
Valid until 30 July, 2026
Download (PDF, 82 KB)
ISO 14001 (DE)
Mondi Bad Rappenau
Valid until 30 July, 2026
Download (PDF, 179 KB)
ISO 50001 (DE)
Mondi Bad Rappenau
Valid until 11 August, 2026
Download (PDF, 219 KB)

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