Creating a caring workplace for our colleagues in Ukraine

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11 April, 2024
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At Mondi, we care about the wellbeing of our employees.

Mondi Bags Ukraine prioritises employee wellbeing, particularly while the Russia- Ukraine war remains ongoing. We emphasise both the physical and mental safety of our colleagues, and all outlined measures demonstrate our comprehensive approach: 

  • Regular check-ins and communication about safety help our employees feel supported and connected. Providing information on safe routes and instructions for critical situations is a practical way to empower them in navigating the challenges they face.  
  • Offering psychological services through the Employee Assistance Programme and local services is a crucial step. Mental health often takes a toll during crises, and having resources available for employees to seek help is invaluable. 
  • Creating a purposeful and engaging environment is a powerful motivator. It helps maintain a sense of normalcy and also fosters a strong sense of community within the workplace. Knowing that our organisation cares about its employees’ families adds an extra layer of support and empathy. 

In times of crisis, a supportive workplace can make a significant difference. We want to create a caring and resilient environment for our colleagues in Ukraine and worldwide. 

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