Supporting our peoples’ journey of growth: Sruthi's career path from intern and student to manager

26 February, 2024
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At Mondi, we take pride in nurturing talent and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Sruthi Panchanatham's journey exemplifies our empowered people commitments to provide diverse opportunities for personal and professional development.

Sruthi’s story 

Sruthi's start at Mondi began during her search for summer internships after completing her bachelor's degree. In July 2021, she joined Mondi as a Facility Management Intern, starting her journey at the reception in the Vienna Group office. This initial role provided Sruthi with a firsthand understanding of our culture and values.  

Throughout her internship, Sruthi continuously demonstrated her interest in exploring her career path opportunities within Mondi. In October 2021, she transitioned to our Flexible Packaging division, seizing the opportunity to broaden her skill set and expertise in the business unit. As part of the Speciality Kraft Paper team, Sruthi contributed to various initiatives, showcasing her adaptability and enthusiasm for learning. 

Always ask. I believe asking is very crucial to one's growth and learning.

Following the completion of her internship, Sruthi focused on her education, pursuing her master's studies and successfully absolving her exchange semester in India.  

In June 2023, Sruthi returned to Mondi, eager to resume her career path with us. Rejoining as a Junior Product Portfolio and Business Development Manager, she brought with her a wealth of knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose. Although she temporarily left Mondi to pursue her academic goals, Sruthi's journey reflects the flexibility and dedication inherent also in our company culture.

See our Mondi instagram reel and watch Sruthi's interview on her career journey,  greatest learnings and biggest advice:

Supporting our peoples’ goals and potentials 

What sets Mondi apart is our empowered people commitments to supporting individuals like Sruthi on their journey of learning and development. Our organisation recognises that career paths are not always linear – they are dynamic and evolving. Whether it's pursuing higher education, exploring different roles within the company, or taking time to gain international experience, Mondi empowers its employees to shape their own learning journey.  

Sruthi's story is an amazing example of the diverse opportunities available within Mondi. From intern to Junior Product Portfolio and Business Development Manager, her journey shows the limitless potential that exists within our organisation. As we continue to innovate and grow, we stay true to our values and mission of cultivating talent and enabling individuals to thrive. 

Create your career path with us!

Join us at Mondi, where every journey is unique, and every opportunity is a chance to make a difference.

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