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Monomaterial barrier pouches Monomaterial barrier pouches Monomaterial barrier pouches

Monomaterial barrier pouches

Mono material barrier pouches are our award-winning, flexible packaging solutions designed for recycling. They are available with different barrier properties to protect the contents inside from external factors.

  • Exceptional shelf life
  • Excellent printability for an attractive shelf appearance
  • Excellent sealability





World Star Winner 2023 Swiss Packaging Award 2022 Deutscher Verpackungspreis 2019



Our award-winning transparent PE-based mono-material pouch has removable front and back panels and is 100% glue and adhesive free. Using 70% less material than rigid plastic bottles of the same volume, it reduces CO2 by up to 70%. Designed according to Cradle to Cradle® Principles, StripPouch is designed for recycling, certified by Cyclos HTP, and fully optimized for its end of life as recycled granulate. What’s more, this innovative pouch is fully recognizable by NIR (Near-infrared spectroscopy) scanners during automatic sorting for recycling.

Sustainable by design

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