Managing Ecosystems

We apply a landscape-level approach to safeguard ecosystems, biodiversity and water.

WWF wetlands

Safeguarding ecosystems, biodiversity and water

Well-functioning ecosystems are fundamentally linked to the health of our planet and wellbeing of people. The availability of natural resources such as wood and water are key to ensure a resilient business for Mondi. 

Some of our pulp and paper mills are surrounded by forest plantations (e.g. in South Africa) and semi-natural forests (e.g. in Europe), embedded into a network of protected areas and conservation corridors.  

See our infographic below illustrating our operational environment and learn more about the key performance indicators (KPIs) we assess and monitor regularly. You can also download it here.

Mondi landscape-level approach

Key performance indicators

In our manufacturing operations, we can directly manage environmental impact drivers. We conduct biodiversity and water stewardship assessments and develop action plans.

Our primary focus remains on our pulp and paper mills as no material impacts or dependencies have been identified for our converting sites.

KPIs include: GHG emissions; air emissions; waste to landfill; water emissions; percentage of reusable, recyclable or compostable products.

Mondi Ruzomberok plant

of our mills and forestry operations have conducted water stewardship assessments to date


of our mills and forestry operations have completed biodiversity assessments


of our mills and forestry operations developed biodiversity action plans in 2023

2023 managing ecosystems highlights

Mondi Richardsbay energy plant

Our approach to water stewardship

We see water stewardship as a priority, especially in water-stressed and water scarce regions. We assess and manage our own water-related risks and conduct water stewardship assessments. Our goal is to reduce water use and increase water recycling and reuse. This also includes modernising wastewater treatment facilities at our mills. Through MAP2030, we are committed to conduct water stewardship assessments at our mills and forestry operations by 2025 and implement required actions to address the findings by 2030. Read about our recent investments to upgrade our wastewater treatment plants in our articles below.

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Safeguarding biodiversity in our operations

We recognise our role in enhancing the state of nature in our operational landscapes. We focus on avoiding harm to biodiversity hot spots and maintaining or improving quantity and quality of ecosystems. Mondi has committed to conduct biodiversity assessments at its mills and forestry operations by 2025. These assessments help us to identify important biodiversity sites around our operations and evaluate the state of environmental aspects, which also may affect biodiversity.

Mapping biodiversity footprints

We teamed up with the Endangered Wildlife Trust to develop biodiversity accounting principles in our South African forestry landholdings.

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