Responsible Fibre Sourcing

We are committed to zero deforestation, sustainable forest management and responsible procurement.

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Managing our forests sustainably

Sustainable working forests are certified and sustainably managed to provide social, environmental, and economic benefits. We believe this approach contributes to more resilient production landscapes and is key to producing sustainable fibre. 

In sustainable working forests harvesting does not exceed annual growth, it supports regeneration naturally or via replanting, and enables forests to thrive. Growing trees is balanced with efforts to protect biodiversity, water and ecosystem services. 

At Mondi, we develop best practice silviculture and other forest management practices in South Africa. Where we source our wood fibre from the market and have no direct influence on land management, we collaborate with scientists and other partners, engage with suppliers and forest owners, and scale up the development of forest certification. 


responsibly sourced fibre (75% FSC™ or PEFC certified)


of wood sourced from countries where our pulp and paper mills are located

over 80%

of our packaging and paper solutions are fibre based (based on revenue)

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Fibre as a future-fit resource

Fibre is central to our business and to meet increasing demand for sustainable packaging and paper solutions.  

We have highlighted some key questions from our stakeholders and our responses below. 

Well-managed plantations reduce pressure on natural forests as they provide a higher yield to meet rising demand for fibre-based products.

Plantations make up 7% of the world’s forests (Source: Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020), while meeting nearly half of the global demand for commercial timber.

100% of Mondi’s forestry plantations in South Africa are FSC™ and PEFC certified, supporting responsible forest management practices.

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Procuring fibre responsibly

Forest certification schemes work continuously to make their standards more effective to tackle deforestation and forest degradation. Certification schemes such as FSC™ and PEFC offer the greatest value in increasing sustainable fibre sourcing. We support their efforts and have been working to enhance certification in our own forest operations and sourcing areas.

IUFRO Mondi partnership members

Engaging in a forest, science and business platform

We believe a science-based approach to forest management is key to combat the climate crisis and ensure future fibre supply. As a founding member of the ‘TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS’ partnership with IUFRO, Mondi aims to leverage scientific insights to develop response measures.

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Supporting forest owners and suppliers

In South Africa, our enterprise development organisation, Mondi Zimele, is accelerating community empowerment in the forestry value chain and supporting small businesses. Over 3,000 small growers have engaged with us since the programme’s launch. We distribute seedlings and provide training, mill visits and knowledge-sharing to eligible small growers.

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Leveraging the full value of fibre

We maintain a firm commitment to the principles of a cascading use of wood, which refers to prioritising value-adding uses of wood. This means that wood is used as raw material as long, often and efficiently as possible for materials and only used for energy generation at the end of the product life cycle.

FSC™ and PEFC information

Protecting ecosystems

Safeguarding ecosystems, biodiversity and water resources is critical for the planet and the resilience of our business.

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